SPECIAL PROMOTIONS End on April 30th, 2020

These Special Promotions expire on April 30th, 2020.

Tax Filing Basic Info - English - Spanish - Vietnamese

Please fill out this form and gather all your needed documents before you come to our tax office to save time. This is a guideline which does not include all documents.  We do not share your information with anyone without your approval.  

Por favor llene éste formulario y reúna todo los documentos necesarios antes de venir a nuesta oficina de impuestos para ahorrar tiempo.  No compartimos su información con nadie sin su aprobación.

Wish to be Stress Free?

Audit Protection Program - A TIFFANY TAX's Clients Only

Audit Protection Program - A TIFFANY TAX's Clients Only

Audit Protection Program - A TIFFANY TAX's Clients Only


As a good resident, we know our rights, our responsibilities, our benefits and we do it right! Every year the Internal Revenue Service random check individual and business tax returns. The IRS has the right to audit anyone. No one knows who will be audited. When it happens, you will receive an IRS letter explaining the discrepancies found in your tax return. The fees to hire an Enrolled Agent, Attorney or CPA to represent you during an Audit process might cost $1,000 to $10,000 or more depending on the specific situation.

 All a submitted tax return means is that the Internal Revenue Service has reviewed your tax return and agreed with your calculations.  Although the audit process generally begins three to four months after the filing deadline, the IRS can audit a return up to three years after it is received. 


To alleviate the frustration and stress of a possible Audit, A TIFFANY TAX would love to represent our Clients in helping resolve their possible issue with the IRS:

Join our Audit Protection Program:

A TIFFANY TAX will represent our Clients through the completion of income tax audit.  Included one-hour tax consultation is worth $120 in same year.

1 - For Individual Tax Return - $30/tax year.  

2 - For Self-employed - $40/tax year.  

3 - For Business Tax Return - $50/tax year.

Please ask for more details when you file your tax return with us!

- Worry Free - Peace of Mind - Enjoy life

Not A TIFFANY TAX's Client yet? Get Audited?

Audit Protection Program - A TIFFANY TAX's Clients Only

Audit Protection Program - A TIFFANY TAX's Clients Only



This is a frustrating and depressing time. 

Don't know what happened or why? 

What should you do?

* Be calm! Gather all your tax documents and IRS letters.

* Don't hesitate to schedule appointment with A TIFFANY TAX (required to have available time)

* A TIFFANY TAX will do our best to assist you!

* Fee varies depending on the specific situation.

* IRS Penalty and Interest rates are different every year, the average is 4% Penalty and 4% Interest. Beginning April 1, 2018 the Interest Rate was 5%.

* IRS can review tax returns submitted in the last three years in an audit but can review up to six years.  There is no time limit for criminal violations or Fraud.

* Cheating on a Tax Return can be construed as Tax Fraud and you could be convicted and sentenced to prison!

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